Friday, March 16, 2007

Too high in San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende was a beautiful, colorful and charming city. Unfortunately, Randy and I both suffered very badly from altitude sickness. I was the first to get the high fever and total body ache and Rand followed. Fortunately, neither of us were throwing up from the sickness, but we agreed that we hadn't felt worse in a LONG time.

Illness aside, the Casa de Huespedes where we stayed was run by the sweetest lady named Saletta who always had a smile for us and all of her guests. She truly was an angel and helped Randy and me with so much, including of course, our Spanish. The roof top terrace provided a place to get a bit of sun plus an amazing 360 view of the city. We met a wonderful chap named Karl, a fellow gringo originally from Chicago who rented the upstairs apartment from Saleta. Karl, like us, has a serious case of wanderlust. He has lived in San Miguel for almost a year and was able to give us insightful information on everything from the best places to eat to some San Miguel slang. On top of it all, Karl was also a refreshingly unique artist and not only were we both quite impressed with his work but also with his company and personality. We'll meet again, I'm sure.

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