Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Wee Mule

With two suitcases full of surprises for her Panamanian pair, Mom Clem hopped a flight to visit us here in Boquete. It was a veritable Christmas morning opening her bags full of our special requests from "The States". This included Randy's oldie-but-goodie electric orange juicer (the oranges bordering our property are sensational but the juicers they have here are crap), our fly fishing wading boots (since we've now found the rivers in which to use them) and Hormel chili with Fritos. I miss Sonic Frito Chili Pies SO BADLY! Here is a picture of Mom and me enjoying a delicious chili pie together...

We affectionately called Mom our little mule. She hauled our goodies down to us and then after a wonderfully memorable visit, lugged 21 bags filled with coffee from our very own MaƱana Madera (very exciting!) back to the US for friends and relatives to enjoy. Thanks for a wonderful visit Mom-we love you!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Dirt under our fingernails

Our terraza is completed at last! We are busy adding colorful plants and flowers around it to distract from the purple floor. We've planted and transplanted and gathered this and that from various tiendas and from the tropical plant laden roadsides. We've got a whole new little garden going for less than thirty bucks. One thing we learned though is not to start planting things during the dry season. The rainy season starts in May so hopefully we can soon rely on Mother Nature to quench our pequino jardin's thirst.