Sunday, October 26, 2008

NoDik Strikes Again

A blog from a few months back poked fun at the name of a Panamanian over the counter anti-parasite medication that Randy brought home to ease his tummy troubles. "NoDik" would obviously NOT sell in English speaking countries as it suggests a condition in which no one, at least no man, would want to find himself.

Yeah, it's funny until YOU'RE the one who gets a stomach bug and has to swallow NoDik to oust an unwelcome guest. At first, I stuck fast to my "let things run their course and don't take any medications unless you absolutely have to" mantra. But, after researching my symptoms on the Net and reading about how some types of parasites can lay MILLIONS of eggs A DAY inside their host, I ditched that theory and we made a trip to the store STAT. Rand ran in, came back with NiDik in hand and recounted what the pharmacist had said, "NoDik, twice a day, one in the morning, one at night".

For some reason I remember him saying two in the morning, two at night. Gulping down the two flourescent yellow NoDiks, I had unknowingly put myself on the accelerated program. When taken as prescribed, one at a time every 12 hours, NoDik eliminates the intruder. My unwitting double-down begat a hellish night shift and at one point I remarked to my sleepy husband that this must be similar to what I imagined the after effects of chemotherapy to be.

Good news is that I feel better today. This is probably because the parasite(s) are out now, completely anhilated by the 1-2 sucker punch I gave them of NoDik's yellow flourescent horse pills. Rand bought me lemon/lime Gatoraid this morning to replenish my lost electrolytes and the NoDik coming out the other end is the exact same color.