Friday, March 16, 2007

Farewell, San Miguel - Belize Beckons

San Miguel is a LONG way away from Belize, no matter how you slice it. Randy is still not well and the thought of many more days on the road on the bus is quite a formidable, looming "cosa" (thing). We thought about taking the 4 hour ride to Mexico City and then the next day just sucking it up and taking the 13 1/2 hour bus ride to Palenque just so we would be close-ish to Belize. Then I decided to check and see if there was any way we could fly to Belize instead. EUREKA! I booked a flight to Chetumal, which is right on the Belize border for only $215 for both of us. SO WORTH IT! It's cheaper to fly than it would have been to take all of those buses, plus the hotels we'd have to stay in, plus the food. And, the flight is only 2 hours. No brainer! We leave tomorrow. My toes are ready for the sand and I know Rand is aching for some pescando (fishing)! It's time for an Exodus as Bob Marley said...movement of jah people...oh yeah!


Karl Gerzan said...

Hey there Randy and Jamie! God, I really hope you are feeling better than you were when I left you in San Miguel! All went VERY well here in Guadalajara this weekend, (so far)! I sold 3 paintings this afternoon and I landed a VERY big show on 13 September!

With all I have, I wish you the safest travels. And, yes, I will see you soon!


Tracey Clem said...

Hey guys!

The blog is GREAT! I read all the posts to Kev on his Blackberry as we were driving from San Francisco to Riverside yesterday! What fun to follow your adventure with you!

We are praying you guys are in full health and able to enjoy every moment!

Love you both!
Trace & Kev

P.S. Good call on FLYING!! :)

Kevin said...

Safe travels you two - and feel better soon Randy; thanks for keeping us in the loop.

Praying for you,