Saturday, March 10, 2007

And they're OFF!

After much time, preparation and anticipation, the trip through Mexico and Central America begins. Randy and I were accompanied to the Texas border by our friends Kevin and Devin. They saw us off at the McAllen bus station and with a backpack each, Randy and I boarded the "Transpais" (cross country) autobus to Reynosa where we changed buses and caught our main bus to our first night's destination, Cuidad de Victoria. Our bus driver waved to every single truck and bus that passed during our 5 1/2 hour trip and when it was a fellow Transpais bus, he gave a HUGE wave. Que bueno!
It was a long ride but there was a lot to see an we learned a few new Spanish words during the journey including "cansada/o" meaning tired or weary...and at the end of the bus ride that is indeed how we felt.

Our hotel was clean with a high powered ceiling fan or "abanico de techo" and hot water - YES! Our hotel owner recommended Jalisco's for dinner, just a couple of blocks away. After an excellente authentic Mexican dinner, we took a stroll in the plaza and a "payasito" (little clown) was there entertaining some local children. He waved us over and made me a balloon heart. Randy later dogged the payasito's balloon efforts saying that it was a weak looking heart and that he could have made a better one. For those of you who don't know, Randy was practically raised by carneys at fairs for a few years of his life. His Dad owned a gourmet cheese shop and he and Randy would work the fairs together back in the day. I'm surprised he didn't get the small hands and cabbage smell often attributed to carneys.

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joe said...

dont kid carneys...they are the hart and soul of americas heartland!