Monday, March 19, 2007

Rooster gets it REALLY WRONG

Randy (raised on a farm) and I were under the common misconception that roosters sound their loud and proud "cock-a-doodle-doodle-dooo" at dawn. When the rooster right outside our window crowded for the first time, I thought it was happening at the time one would expect it to happen.....sunrise. I even said to Randy, "that's cool" when we first heard the cock's cry feeling like we were getting an authentic, properly timed wake up call. Soon we'd be seeing the morning sun.

Some time passed and the rooster kept right on with his boisterous crowing, but the morning light did not come. We set an alarm for 5am the night before as we had an early morning ferry to catch to San Pedro on Ambergris Caye but the alarm had not gone off. When we checked to make sure that we hadn't set the alarm for 5PM by accident we were dismayed to see that the time was really only 1AM. Ironically, though his timing was way off in terms of the correct hour in which to begin, this rooster was dead accurate with his frequency. Every 10 seconds, he would make his announcement again, continuing ever so faithfully until the sun really did rise several hours later. About that time, other roosters who clearly had their internal clocks set properly echoed his cries.

We decided that this rooster must have been brand new to the brood; otherwise, his owner certainly would not have tolerated this LOUD fowl with his terribly premature calls in the wee hours of each morning. So much for a solid night's sleep.


Tracey Clem said...

Clearly an overachiever! :) We have pigeons on our balcony that wake us up every morning in the most irritating manner. Kevin absolutely HATES pigeons already...but now that they are interrupting his precious sleep, he flies out of bed in the mornings to pound on the window trying to scare them away. Unfortunately they are wise to our ways, and it hardly phases them anymore. Ah, life in the urban jungle! :)

Was great chatting with you the other day, no matter how brief. Hope you are getting rooster-free sleep and you are both feeling well!

Love you, sis!

Kelly said...

Well, it looks like the roosters/pigeons/birds of a feather run in the family! When John and I were in Kauai on the ever so tropical and luxury Hyatt Regency property, we discovered that there were roosters (and by roosters with an S, I mean 6 or 7 of them) that took up residence on our balcony. When we called to ask the hotel to do something, they said that the island wildlife could not be removed! We quickly discovered that they do not infact crow at a certain time, they crow whenever they feel like it!
It was so romantic, let me tell you!

James, it is possible that rooster made it from Kauai to Belize. Do roosters fly?