Saturday, March 24, 2007

Crocodile Lure

Randy had his first chance to fish recently. He woke up early and was rewarded with his first ever SNOOK, a 26 incher. Snook share the lagoon side of the island with huge crocodiles and each night, local kids put on a little show for croc curious tourists. It's a simple and effective technique that they've come up with.
All that is necessary is:
1. A rope
2. A frozen chicken
3. A brave lad who isn't afraid to lose a leg
First, tie rope securely around chicken.

Second, chunk chicken into lagoon.

Croc comes after chicken, brave lad pulls chicken with rope so it bobs just ahead of croc's jaws. Curious tourists are happy and snap pictures of unsatiated croc.

If all goes according to plan, brave lad's leg remains intact and tourists leave with excellent pics to show the folks back home.

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