Thursday, April 12, 2007


Our open truck bed allowed us to do something we could never do in the USA - pick up hitch hikers. Now Mom, don't freak out....this IS safe to do in Belize, especially since our truck's design didn't allow for any real physical contact between the hitchers and us. Although at times, and especially on certain roads, I bet our short time passengers wished they could have been inside with the air conditioning and not having to contend with the thick, invasive clouds of dust generated as other vehicles passed. In the truck bed, there was no hiding from the dust and our riders would often hop out, thankful to us but COVERED in dust. I guess they didn't care as long as they reached their destination, but Randy and I sure were glad we were inside.
Our pick ups ranged from Rastafarians to Mennonites, to Peace Corps workers. Randy has such a helpful personality and has always wanted to aid hitch hikers in the past (in the States) but knew it was unwise. He was glad to be able to help at last, and we picked them up by the dozens!

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