Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Call Back

Our travel blog will be on hold for the next period of time. Family priorities have called us back to the States and we will be in Arkansas with Randy's fam for the foreseeable future. Family first, ALWAYS.

Before leaving Belize, we gave our superfluous food and cosmetic supplies to a little family that lived in the apartments behind our house. We could tell that they weren't really living high on the hog when this is what bath time looked like:

We invited them over to get their booty which also included one of our new bikes. With gratitude in his eyes, the dad lifted the two kids onto the bike and wheeled them homeward; the mom beamed at us as Randy and Kevin carried the two big boxes full of useful things back to their apartment for them.
It made us feel so good to share.

We'll send out an email when we're on the road again.

Hasta pronto!


robert said...

that is SO cool! i hope all is well for you guys in arkansas. you should swing by waco if you get the chance and say hello!

Mashella said...

I was catching up on your blog this evening...when one of your posts really struck a cord in my heart. When you were leaving for Arkansas you wrote, "Family First...Always". We are experiencing some priority struggles with my brother and his wife...and told them "Our priority is family first always". It is an encouragement to know that you and Randy, who we love so much, feel the same way.
Joel and I have such fun following your adventures...thanks for sharing!!

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