Thursday, April 12, 2007

The First WOW

The 49 miles of the Hummingbird Highway treated us not only to a welcome PAVED thoroughfare but also to the very first "WOW" of our entire trip. As you might imagine, we'd been earnestly seeking "The Wow" and here it was. I wish our pictures could do it justice. As you can see, the view consisted of lush green jungle vegetation covering rolling hills. Not only was this a visual feast but also one for our noses as the many flowering orange trees saturated the air with a lovely sweetness. Every so often, we would cross a bridge and get to see the rivers that cut through the valleys.

Randy and I both agreed that if the towns at either end of the highway were large enough to support a supermarket where we could get supplies or if we could afford a helicopter and pilot to get us to Belize City to stock up on a weekly basis that the Hummingbird Highway would be on our wish list of places to make our home. Alas, neither of the previous prerequisites were a reality, so 'twas not to be. We'll just have to keep looking. Hopefully, our next WOW won't be far away.

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