Saturday, March 8, 2008

Serene Scene

The fellow who is building our terraza told us that it would take him less than a week to complete the entire project. He said "By Saturday the terraza will be finished". We are 3 and a half weeks in currently and counting. Maybe we'll have a finished product THIS coming Saturday, a week from today. Hey, he said "Saturday", right? He just didn't say WHICH Saturday.....

The stained concrete floor was supposed to be chocolate colored but turned out kinda purple. They had little bags of red and black tint and kept throwing more red down because they were quickly running out of the black. We kept saying "Menos rojo, mas negro!" They ran out of stain with only a third of the deck concreted so now there is a pronounced line where they "joined" (scary since concrete doesn't bond to concrete) the previous day's dry side with the next day's application.

However, the view is so beautiful that we scarcely notice the botched floor. Yesterday afternoon was our first time to sit together on the terraza in our folding chairs and take it all in. WOW, what a serene scene!


Zendoc said...

Our floors are a bit on the funky side as well. Not to worry. If the view is good - and I know yours is - nobody looks down.

w said...

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