Monday, March 31, 2008

The Fish Find

Although the gorgeous and crystal clear Boquete rivers look like perfect trout streams, unfortunately they don't house fish. This is because of pesticides in the water that kill the bugs that the fish eat. However, the Rio Chiriqui Viejo, just an hour and a half road trip away turned out to be a different story.

During our excursion we (Randy) caught not one but TWO (very small) trout! The even better news is that though he didn't hook one THAT time he did see trout in the Rio as big as ten inches! Ah, the perfect appetite wetting adventure and reason to return and fish another day. Being able to catch fish on his fly rod regularly is a big contributor to Rand's happiness so needless to say, we are both thrilled about the fish find.

We'd planned our fish quest on the same day we were scheduled to pick up some new furniture we'd had built. The drive home took us past the wood workshop where two Adirondack rockers, one chair and small table made out of teak were supposedly built and waiting for us. Well, wonder of wonders, the local guy from whom we'd commissioned them actually had them ready ON TIME (such a rarity here in Panama). All we had to do was load up The Gopher with our new goodies. Hopefully our still unfinished terraza will be done someday so that we can actually put our new furniture to good use.


Tracey Clem said...

How fantastic!! I know you're going to love the new furniture.

And so glad to hear that the package arrived safe and sound.

Love you both!

Shakadal said...


Zendoc said...

That's not a fish, that's what you put on your hook to catch fish with!

Kelly and John said...

Mom says she is coming down to P-ma!! Have her rocking chair ready!! Love you guys - it looks time can you guys try to buy some land with a "nice" view...your view now is just so-so ;-)

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