Friday, May 2, 2008

Deposito Completo

A smiling Don Randy in front of his new deposito. Until today we have not had a place to house our tools. Our machetes, rake, wheelbarrow, weed eater etc. were all being stored under a bright blue tarp. However with the addition of a deposito door today our tools now have a roof over their heads and a locking door behind which to rest at night.


cathytennis said...

Are you living in David, Panama? I am writing a textbook for Spanish students in the US and am trying to find out some information on stores and restaurants in David.

Can you possibly help me?


Cathy Wilson

Enjoyed the photos on blog!

Randy and Jamie said...

Hello, I actually live in Boquete, Panama but David is only 35 minutes away. I think that I can find something that can help you. I've heard that there is a new David street map with addresses of stores and restaurants. What is your email address?